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Server IP problem
when I make my server I'm able to connect normally but my friends cant join.
They say they get a "Server not responding" message.
The IP I connect to is, this is probably the wrong IP and I dont know how to change it to the right IP. These are the ports I have opened:

27015 - 27015
27020 - 27020
1200 - 1200
27000 - 27015
27020 - 27039

I noticed I can make a server with the right IP from another computer on this network, other people are abled to join there. But on the other computer the IP is wrong and only I am abled to join there.

Please help!
that is your internal ip adress right?
try go to
and use that ip...
this is because you are running your server behind a router...
and have you forwardded your ports to the right computer....
see for help..
hope this helps
Yes I've been trying to use that IP but it wont work except from my other pc but I want to host it from this pc.
I did excactly as how the guide on told me. I'll check if I might have forwarded to the wrong pc.

EDIT: It worked, I just forwarded the ports all over again and now I'm running a server without problems. Thanks for your help.

EDIT2: The pc got rebooted and now for some reason I have the same problem again, but the ports are still opened the way I just put them. Whenever I create a server now it picks the internal IP again.

help needed!
check if the computer has changed ip ...
roody Wrote:check if the computer has changed ip ...

It hasnt

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