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Error is starting to well lets say annoy me.
netconnectionbuffer.cpp (241) : Assertion Failed: cubReadRemaining == 0

thats what im getting when starting all my servers on my fedora core 4 box i have css, source forts and hl2mp servers running and thats what im getting when i start the servers. after saying it cant connect to steam servers also the servers still aear in my steam favs but they dont got vac on either but im assuming thats somthing to do with not connecting to steam servers. if anyone could shed light on my problem i will be inde
The .cpp extension makes me think it might have something to do with a compiling problem, but why it would be compiling any C++ before running srcds is beyond me. Perhaps you could check to see if you have G++ (a C++ compiler) installed and then do a -verify_all for your srcds files.
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Or as Muppet has stated in another thread I just came across with the same error:
Quote:Yeh, there is a bug since the latest update that only affects the linux srcds (typical eh?). Valve know of the problem and theres plenty of people in the same boat as you.

Just need to wait till the next update.
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Yup guys, definately a bug in the new srcds update which only affects linux servers!

Don't worry there's 10,000 other linux servers with the same problem :p
thank god. well the server is still playable but you need to direct connect to it so my clan is still ok with it i just hope they update sometime soon.
Just an update - VAC seems to be functional for linux server again.

Reboot your server and it should connect fine.

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