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Hey everyone,

I have a question, Is it possible to modify Srcds so that it will run 4 mods at a random time?

Like,,, it runs gungame mod for 2 hours, after that it switches to deatmatch mod and after that to zombiehorde mod.

Is this possible? How can i make this possible? :O
Would this be linux or windows?

Fairly easy in linux, just read up about cron tasks - can set timers and commands to execute.
sorry i forgot to add. Its for Windows. I don't know anything about linux XD.
Ah ok. I don't know much about srcds on windows for this sort of stuff - linux man myself Toungue

you can just make a batch file to edit the config files to change the mod(different for every mod).
Then use the task scheduler(in control panel) to execute the batch files when you need to.

Every child can do that on windows , with serverchecker
Different times/server , easy

[Image: MainWindow.jpg]
lol i did this back with qwtf, i had batch files that overwrote the qwprogs file, all i had to do was reload the server and bam, new mod.
i think i got up to about 9 different tf mods, whoo!
Mani Admin Plugin Crontab Feature should be able to do that for you. Wink
Mani is a dead horse. I can't suggest a replacement, but seems beetlesmod has already updated to accomodate for the new orange source engine. Personally, I am holding out for Metamod, which will have Sourcemod, Sourcebans is extremely promising, and Steambans. This 4 app package will be mind numbing if they live up to the hype.

Anyways, I've purchased and used FireDaemon and PanelDaemon to control servers as windows services and allow remote start/stop for lower level security people amongst my group.

To be short and sweet, you schedule programs to run, set processor priority, etc. It restarts your stuff in a crash etc. You could simply create multiple instances of the same IP:port but use the +serverconfig commandline entry to designate which config to run. Then again, you could also do the batch file method. This would entail using the built in Windows Scheduled Tasks and have it run a batch that does something like...

xcopy C:\srcds\cstrike\cfg\Gungame.cfg C:\srcds\cstrike\cfg\server.cfg /K /Q /R /Y

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