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my port number varies
Ive been trying to run a gmod server for quite some time and everything seams to work but my port number keeps changeing every time my server restarts and the port number is relly high (eg. 63101). any tips?
Try adding -port 27015 to the startup line. | xfire: toasty2
ive tried that and it doent do anything, like over my lan the port number is set to 27015 but over internet its like its just assigned a random port
If you are talking about the client port, that isn't a problem at all. The client port is almost never (if ever) the same as the server port and thats how its supposed to be. This isn't a problem at all. | xfire: toasty2
no the server port isnt ever the same. so every time the server restarts it has a new port and the people who bookmarked it cant use the there bookmark anymore
i found out it is my router (dlink DI-524) i put an old router in and it the server port was 27015 Big Grin but i switched it back and it didnt work again. i had the port forwarded the same way on both routers...

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