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madd lagg
ok, i have fios internet, 30mb down and 5mb up, my dedicated machine is a 3.4ghz quad core xeon cpu, 2gb ram, im running a 30 man office server 66 tick with the rates... sv_maxrate 22000, sv_minrate 9999, sv_maxupdaterate 66, sv_minupdaterate 5, sv_maxcmdrate 66, sv_mincmdrate 5, fps_max 500, sv_unlag 2, sv_maxunlag 2, and im running fpsbooster. and im running mani admin, and eventscripts, and i get madd lag in my server. any help?
SRCDS is made for one-care cpu's. So what you have to do is assigning srcds.exe to one core. You have to click Ctrl+Alt+Delete and find srcds.exe there and put it to work on one of the cores
could be that fios is shared bandwidth, if it only happens at night (when everyone is home and surfing) but not during the day that is the problem right there. i know that cable it like this, everyone has xxx upload but it is shared so while you may have 5Mb upload your node may only be 10Mb (as an example) so if there are a lot of people on then you don't really get 5Mb.

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