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window source server?
the company that I am with right now the game panel isn't finish until the end of this month so I can't start up my server until they do it.

my question is my server has crashed to a point here it doesn't restart on it's own it has done it twice the first time was when I banned someone from the server then when he was connecting the server crashed today the samething happened but I couldn't tell who did the crash.

the server is running on a windows box is there a hack that makes a windows server crash and don't let it restart itself again and would a linux server have better protection so this doesn't have on it?

I have requested for my server to be changed to a linux box and I'm waiting on a reply.
A server does not restart if it closes or an rcon quit is done, unless there is somethin on the box which routinely checks to make sure the server is running.

Ask your host to put on a batch script to start the server whenever it closes.

However it wont restart if it crashes, a crash being an application error (windows illegal operation) or a problem with the console. Gaming Servers
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I think is someone that is crashing the server. when I banned the first person I saw his name joining game then the server crashed after I had banned him. Sad
ya there was an exploit that if you get banned you can crash the server. but was fixed in last update. no source servers often crash with a meorey error there is a program thats ome1 wrote that monitors if the server has crashed and will retsart it i don't run it myself but it only supports 2 srcds server running on the box at a time. best bet is to get telnet access and restart the program everytime it crashes. the software can be found in the windows srcds forums on
Get a linux box Smile
ladybulf Wrote:Get a linux box Smile

A suggestion, but not a helpful one. Gaming Servers
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