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Hi guys, this is a question for the client end of counter strike, but you guys here seem very knowledgable. I have my own dedicated server running behind a router with the ports forewarded to it (it is also in the dmz) And I also my another computer running behind the router. When I play a game on my css client computer after a minute or two it says "game paused" and I can't do anything except disconnect. In the console it indicates some failure to process some svc file I belive (I can double check to be more specific if nothing suggested works) When I play on my local server this never happens. Does anyone know what could be causing this or know of a possible fix? Thanks!

Try pressing the Pause/Break button on your keyboard Smile And also set sv_pausable to 0.

Thats the only thing I can think of,

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No, that did not do the trick. I have no idea. I play for a little while and then all of a sudden in the middle of the screen it says paused and it looks like the game is going at 2fps and will not let me play.
I think a lot more information would be helpful. i.e. server specs. when you connect to your server, are you connecting through your LAN? i.e. are you connecting to or are you connecting to your server via your external ip?
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When I connect to my server I connect via lan, using its internal IP address. I deselected forewarding the ports on my server to see if that would work but it still paused. I am connected to an oc-3 on a school network. Sometimes the pausing is not an issue. I have reinstalled the game a couple times so it must have to do with the router or server running on the same LAN. I have looked all over and have not found any other support for this "Puused" message that pops up and no long allows me to play.

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