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hl2mp player animations
Ok this is probably a really stupid question but i just recenty bought a new dedicated linux server and installed srcds running hl2mp just fine but for some reason ingame all the players are walking around with arms by sides... and i have ran plenty of servers before never had this happen till now.. if anybody could help me that'd be great.

running it on a Pentium D dual 2g ram
fedora core 5 (64)
update server and update steam client + gcf files
Linux IsiX 64 Generic Desktop ValHalla x86_64
Intel Core 2 Duo T8400 4Gb Ram 40G SSD Intel
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hm the servers up to date and everybody else on server sees the same thing :/
Does your server.cfg have an unsual cvar that might turn off ragdoll/physics or animation related things?
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I figured it all out i had installed srcds using root and ran the server under another user so i just reinstalled it under that user works fine now Smile

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