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adminlist.txt cleared each time i change map?
every time i change map on my server (using mani admin menu...everything works 100%) my adminlist.txt is deleted and i cant be an admin until i manually change it on my server (linux)

like i said, everything works 100% until i switch maps, so i have no idea

if you're using 1.2R it uses clients.txt instead of adminlist.txt and gets imported the first time it sees it, then is renamed to adminlist.old.txt or something like that. if you're using 1.1.0z then i have no idea.
Yea i figured that out now, but even still.
I read that you can delete clients.txt, edit adminlist.txt, run the server, and it'll rename it to adminlist.txt.old and generate clients.txt.

It seems to do this, but for some reason the same thing still there a variable somewhere that i've overlooked?

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