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NPCs in CSS?
Hello everbody,

I would like to know if there's a possiblity / knowledge to create NPC's in CSS.  

There's possiblity to create some NPC's in GMOD10, it would be cool if that could be done in CSS. Like acting as pedestrians, animals, etc.

I've found some commands to create npcs, but the list is very large and there's no any good example to do it. Do anyone know a good example?

Quote:npc_ammo_deplete   cmd     Subtracts half of the target's ammo
npc_bipass   cmd     Displays the local movement attempts by the given NPC(s) (triangulation detours). Failed bypass routes are displayed in red, s
npc_combat   cmd     Displays text debugging information about the squad and enemy of the selected NPC (See Overlay Text) Arguments
npc_conditions   cmd     Displays all the current AI conditions that an NPC has in the overlay text. Arguments
npc_create   cmd     Creates an NPC of the given type where the player is looking (if the given NPC can actually stand at that location). Note that
npc_create_aimed   cmd     Creates an NPC aimed away from the player of the given type where the player is looking (if the given NPC can actually stand at
npc_create_equipment   0   "sv"    
npc_destroy   cmd     Removes the given NPC(s) from the universe Arguments
npc_destroy_unselected   cmd     Removes all NPCs from the universe that aren't currently selected
npc_enemies   cmd     Shows memory of NPC. Draws an X on top of each memory. Eluded entities drawn in blue (don't know where it went) Unreachable  
npc_focus   cmd     Displays red line to NPC's enemy (if has one) and blue line to NPC's target entity (if has one) Arguments
npc_freeze   cmd     Selected NPC(s) will freeze in place (or unfreeze). If there are no selected NPCs, uses the NPC under the crosshair. Arguments
npc_gameendally_deathmessage   1   "sv", "cheat"    
npc_go   cmd     Selected NPC(s) will go to the location that the player is looking (shown with a purple box) Arguments
npc_go_do_run   1   "sv"   Set whether should run on NPC go
npc_go_random   cmd     Sends all selected NPC(s) to a random node. Arguments
npc_heal   cmd     Heals the target back to full health
npc_height_adjust   1   "a", "sv"   Enable test mode for ik height adjustment
npc_kill   cmd     Kills the given NPC(s) Arguments
npc_nearest   cmd     Draw's a while box around the NPC(s) nearest node Arguments
npc_relationships   cmd     Displays the relationships between this NPC and all others. Arguments
npc_reset   cmd     Reloads schedules for all NPC's from their script files Arguments
npc_route   cmd     Displays the current route of the given NPC as a line on the screen. Waypoints along the route are drawn as small cyan rectang
npc_select   cmd     Select or deselects the given NPC(s) for later manipulation. Selected NPC's are shown surrounded by a red translucent box Arg
npc_sentences   0   "sv"    
npc_speakall   cmd     Force the npc to try and speak all thier responses
npc_squads   cmd     Obsolete. Replaced by npc_combat
npc_steering   cmd     Displays the steering obstructions of the NPC (used to perform local avoidance) Arguments
npc_steering_all   cmd     Displays the steering obstructions of all NPCs (used to perform local avoidance)  
npc_task_text   cmd     Outputs text debugging information to the console about the all the tasks + break conditions of the selected NPC current schedu
npc_tasks   cmd     Displays detailed text debugging information about the all the tasks of the selected NPC current schedule (See Overlay Text) A
npc_teleport   cmd     Selected NPC will teleport to the location that the player is looking (shown with a purple box) Arguments
npc_thinknow   cmd     Trigger NPC to think
npc_viewcone   cmd     Displays the viewcone of the NPC (where they are currently looking and what the extents of there vision is) Arguments
npc_vphysics   0   "sv"    

Enabling NPC's would be cool as an additional gameplay.

Thank you for reading this topic and your help!
One possibility might be to create a map with npc's in Valve Hammer, although that might be for Half-Life: 2 Single-player only. You can always add bots, if simply fake players is what you are looking for, or you could search manimod forums for an addon that will add npc's to your server.
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