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Teamspeak and motd.txt

iv've seen one or more CSS-Servers wich had an autoconnect to their teamspeak-server, i suspect it was via the motd.txt

can someone explain how to do that?

i already tried to link it, but when the client does not have teamspeak it will bring up an error page wich replaces the whole motd.txt (even if you specify a frame or iframe)

any ideas how to solve this smoothly?
Isnt there a shortcut similar to irc etc:

correct, but this option

- is not well documented (whats the exact syntax?)
- causes a document-not-found if the user has not installed TS to the current OS
It might be through a manimod plugin.

Here is the documentation for the teamspeak browser protocol:
[Image: ggbarzc2.png]

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