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Bloody bots
This should be quick to answer, but I am running mani's admin plugin with a gungame mod and whenever I add a bot they continually talk. I have tried adding in a command in the server.cfg and even deleting the sound folder of their speech, but it is still there.

Anyone know the command to get rid of bot speech/chatter?

EDIT: One more question. In GG DM, how do I get it so that there is a map vote once someone reaches nade level and also so that there is no timer on the map?

A detailed bot cfg file. The specific command you are looking for is:

Quote:bot_chatter "off" //Control how bots talk. Allowed values: 'off', 'radio', 'minimal', or 'normal'.
So eh :S do I just stick this in the cfg folder and have exec bot.cfg in the server.cfg file?

Update: yup, that worked, thankyou very much

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