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[need help]how to create server with steam
i need help on making a server with steam
i have counter strike source
i downloaded source dedicated server from steam but i get an error when i try to run it
"MountFilesystem(241) failed SteamMountFilesystem(5164,241,0xf67fc64=m0xf67fd64) failed with error 5: Nosteam Content servers are available"

i tried to follow post #5 but i got lost on "wait the time it takes to download the server replace your server.cfg into cstrike/cfg replace the addons folder, and try iy again."

i also downloaded hldsupdatetool

umm i have a i have to have a cd key to create server on steam?

please help Smile
Post 5 in that thread you posted is basically the same as following the SRCDS installation walkthrough for a win dedicated server.

And no, no CD key is required for srcds.
that's a different way to make a server...i guess that'll work
when i try to join my server i get a message "steam validation rejected" Sad

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