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Fast D\L Hosts?
Anyone know any places I can use for Fast download (sv_downloadurl) free of cost?
Thnx, this is holding me up. Exile
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i might be able to help ya, message me.
You could be a real jerk and find a server using this feature. go to console and type ( sv_downloadurl ) and find out what one they are using.

A few drawbacks

a) you got no control as to what goes up there
b) its dirty and dishonest.
what are you talking about?
dualcore1289 Wrote:what are you talking about?

He is talking about using someone else's host for YOUR server downloads. One that is already setup and they already use for THEIR server. There's a bunch of them out there and they are easy to find. However, as he states, it would make you a jerk and it's dishonest. Not to mention you better like the maps THEY use. I have wondered tho if one could contact the owner of said hosted space and share the content with them, with their blessings of course.
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cant be talkin to me, i pay for mine

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