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Refresh motd without restarting server?

Is it possible to have the server reload motd without restarting the server?

All kill - numbers just restart the server (including -9 which is a bug).

well you could wait til the map changes.

If that worked than I wouldn't need to refresh!

The server loads the motd.txt and never looks at it again.

funny, mine does. i guess your server is unique?
ummm, why would you need to refresh the motd.txt?

if you had constantly changing content, why not have the motd.txt refer to a web page, then you can change content without having to restart your server.
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He's probably just trying to test out his motd and get it to the way he wants it.

I was wondering the same thing.
scottz Wrote:All kill - numbers just restart the server (including -9 which is a bug).

If you kill the srcds_i486, srcds_i686 or srcds_amd the server is restarting because srcds_run is running in a loop and when the actual serverproces dies, srcds_run will restart it.
Btw I've seen better implementations of a script running in a loop to restart the server when it crashes. Now you have to kill both tasks to really stop the server.
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