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VERY strange issues
srcds has been behaving strangely on a remote Linux CentOS system. A lag issue was fixed by adding more ram, but now, Time speeds up and slows down at random. Also, The server is sending out between 90 and 140 packets per client when the tickrate and maxupdaterate are both 100.

If you have any ideas or need rcon access to assess the problem, please post here. is the ip. I have removed the password for testing purposes.

Thanks, cyzo.
Is it a singel-cpu, dual-core or a dual cpu ?
and what is the spec. of hardware.. ?
and what connection is it ?

I tryed to se it in hlsw .. but no server on that ip !
Sorry, the server was down at that moment. It is 1024+mb of ram on a dual core xeon system. Bandwidth is 10mbps.

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