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Mani problems
Just confused about a few things, first of all I dont understand the immunity flag thing as I being admin don't want to be killed for Tk'ing or being AFK. I also wanted to know how I can make the voting option come like a minute after a new map has been started. How can I delay the rtv process so that it can only start like 10 minutes after a new map change has occured?

Another question is that, in-game can I change the diffculty level of the bots on the server, that is in-game so one can be hard, one can be normal and one easy. Is there anyways that in-game i can put a password on the server so I can play one on one with a friend? And my last Question is, is there any way to turn HDR lighting of?

the rtv delay has a variable to set about how long after map starts voting is allowed

theres a way to make a vote start a set time before the end of a map (so you could set it 1 minute after it starts by going the other way), again there is a variable for this in mani_server.cfg

as to the immunity flags - i havent ever used them - i'd check the mani-admin-plugin site under documentation.

(also i think most of these questions should be directed at mani-admin-plugin forums anyway)

dunno about bots, i dont play css

password is easy, rcon sv_password <password> - i hope you know how to use rcon

HDR - again i don't know, i don't play CSS or DODS, hl2dm really doesnt get any love. that said im pretty sure HDR is a client side thing

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