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Please help, need file in install
I am getting the dreaded 'compression error' while running this install. I've installed MANY times before on different linux distros however steam must be having problems as I receive a compression error every time I install.

If someone could put \hl2\models\props_combine\combinetower001.vvd on a http server or attach it here I would REALLY appreciate it. I'm hoping that if I can get past this file during the install then I can complete the thing.

Thanks in advance!
P.S. I have done the normal 'steps' to attempt to correct the issue, delete the ClientRegistry.blob and InstallRecord.blob but I'm still hitting the issue every time.
Problem solved... if anyone else has the compression error problem, remove the files listed above and then ALSO delete the file listed just before the compression error (combinetower001.vvd in my case).

Hope this helps someone.

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