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Can't find my server ?!
I've installed a fresh CS:S server from steam,
forwarded all the needed ports to that machine,
everything seems ok, but i am not able to find
my server, neither online nor in LAN.

I had a 'old' CS [ 1.5 ] server running on the same
machine, with no problems at all.

Only thing i noticed so far is the server complaining about
not being able to exec server.cfg.

[ and one or two texture not found errors ]

[ edit: ]
I also edited the server.cfg to some default settings, so now there are some bots
fighting each other on the server [ log ], but still i cant see the server ...
neither can i connect to it by directly entering the server ip, neither in online
nor in lan mode :[
typing !status on the server console shows the
server is running ... [ 0 players on map cs_whatever ]

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