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Used 'real' Steam login information
Hello all!

First of all I'd like to say that I searched this forums, as well as the forums of to find the answer on my question, but I didn't found any information that was useful.

The problem is as following;

I started installing a CS:S dedicated server using this guide. The installer I used is the one mentioned there (
As you can see this is a Linux installation, but the reason why I started this thread in general will become clear (it's not a Linux related problem).

When everything is set to download the files I need to set up the server, the guide tells me to execute following command:
# ./steam -command update -game "counter-strike source" -dir . -username USERNAME -password PASSWORD -remember_password
For 'USERNAME' and 'PASSWORD' I used the information of the Steam account I use to play HL2 and CS:S, later on I found many other guides on the web (which I didn't found before) that say that you should use a new, 'fake' account to set up a srcds.

Is it possible to change that information later on, or can I install the server again without having to download the files for another time? My box has just finished downloading all the needed files (what a coincidence Wink), what should I do to change the account information?
May the Source be with you...

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This problem has been solved I think.

In the beginning I already experienced that if you already have a bunch of files of the installation, the installer won't download them again. It will just check them to be sure it are the right files etc.

Thinking about that, I just created a new (fake) account and used that information for a new installation. The installer just 'checked' the files instead of downloading them again. You can click here to see a screenshot of the checking (yeah, I'm borde Toungue).

Ah well, maybe a Googling lost soul will ever see this thread and find it usefull Wink.
May the Source be with you...

Want to know which ports to forward on your router for a Source DS? Click here!
Yeah, you can actually update with a different user than you installed with. The admin of the box that I am renting installed srcds for me, and I forgot his password so I just used an account that I had previoulsy created. This worked without any problems.

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