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A guide on how to fix the "my server will not show up on the dedicated server list".
[The Problem]
You start your server, and you recieve the VAC secure mode is activated message. You can connect to it by typing in the IP and port. As can your friends. You have tried everything. You double checked to make sure the ports were forwarded correctly. But the server does not show up in the master list. If you reset the router, your server shows up but only for a few seconds.

[The Fix]
First off you have to run through all the steps. Make sure the correct ports are forwarded, make sure people can connect via IPToungueort. Lastly if you have a Linksys router, throw it out and get a new one that is not Linksys.

The third step is a fairly bold statement, but do to personal experiences and similar problems to people on this forum as well as others has led me to the conclusion that Linksys sucks with servers.

I had that particular problems for weeks. I went from forum to forum requesting help. In the middle of requesting for help I realized that 9 out of 10 people with the same problems had the same type of router, mine was the WRT54GSv.5. And so was theirs. {Check thread here.}

[Who Say's What]
Well, after many hours on the phone, a person who is supposed to promote the Linksys product, *cough Linksys Tech Support*, the man told me that in the past years Linksys has taken a dive.

This was later confirmed when I was talking to my ISP who had stats of people, routers, and failed internet connections. Lets just say Linksys was at the top for failed connections.

[What I Didn't Say]
It would be a cheap and easy fix. A good router can run upwards of 60$. My new Belkin router was close to 100$.

[How Do I Know This Works]
Well, check out the master server list. Let me know if you see a [Toast] Dedicated Server #4 server on the list. Then you tell me if I know if this works or not.

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