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Cannot use custom maps, 2 other issues
I downloaded 2 custom maps, fy_iceworld and scoutzknivez from

I unzipped them and placed the contents in the srcds/cstrike/maps folder, and added their names to the mapcycle.txt and maplist.txt. That's it right?

Well I can't seem to change to those maps from the server console. I get this message:

ma_map fy_iceworld
CModelLoader::Map_IsValid: 'fy_iceworld' is not a valid BSP file
L 04/24/2007 - 20:43:27: CONSOLE :  User attempted to change to mapname [fy_iceworld]
Map [fy_iceworld] is not a valid .bsp map file

or with using the standard "map" command:
map fy_iceworld
CModelLoader::Map_IsValid: 'fy_iceworld' is not a valid BSP file
map load failed: fy_iceworld not found or invalid

map scoutzknivez
CModelLoader::Map_IsValid:  No such map 'scoutzknivez'
map load failed: scoutzknivez not found or invalid

I can't figure out why it's doing this. Help!

Also, I have two other minor issues. One, My server does't appear in the public server list in steam. Thus there are zero players on it. Is there any reason for this?

Also, i understand this MAY be the wrong forum, but the admin menu for mani plugin doesn't seem to work. I can bring it up, but when I choose one of the options on the menu it simply fades away.

Thanks in advace
re maps: maybe you downloaded the CS ones instead of CS:S? dunno if they made your maps for the old CS but that could be it.

re mani: you need "cl_restrict_server_commands 0" in your console to have the menus for mani work properly.
thanks, it turns out they were maps for the old CS. They work now. For some reason, my server still isn't appearing in the public server lists...and I don't know why.

I have the ports forwarded, and sv_region set to 0. What gives??

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