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SRCDS Listening, but unable to connect
Ok, so ive successfully installed srcds, updated it with Counter-Strike Source and such... This is on a dedicated server.

I run the following command:
smark@none:~/srcds_l$ ./srcds_run -console -game cstrike +ip
Auto detecting CPU
Using SSE2 Optimised binary.
Auto-restarting the server on crash

Console initialized.
Game.dll loaded for "Counter-Strike: Source"
maxplayers set to 32
Network: IP, mode MP, dedicated Yes, ports 27015 SV / 27005 CL

and it sits there. Everything looks 100% fine and dandy. I go to Steam and try to add it to my favorites and the server dosnt exist.

Just to make sure i do this:

root@none:/ # netstat -l
Active Internet connections (only servers)
Proto Recv-Q Send-Q Local Address           Foreign Address         State
tcp        0      0 *:*                     LISTEN

its obvious its listening. I can telnet to on port 27015 from an external (non-lan) machine and get no error, though nothing shows in the window.

The ports are not blocked.

Any idea what would be causing this?


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