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validate user id error
Hey everyone,

Im running a dedicated server with about 6 css servers on it & I am beginning to see a weird issue. Every so often, the servers all start giving this weird faild to validate user id error when they try to connect to the servers. If I restart all of the servers, they work fine again.

The machine isnt under total load at all.... last night, I set up a shoutcast listening server thing on the dedicated machine and began to stream from my computer to the dedicated server. I was monitoring the shoutcast usage to make sure it didnt use to much resources... it hardly uses any at all. Since last night when i set up the shoutcast server, this error steam ticket error has happened 3 times. I've since shut down the shoutcast server.

Ive looked and looked to see what could be causing this but I cant find anything. It happens even without the shoutcast ,just not nearly as frequent.

Anyone have any ideas?

Also, does anyone know a place that has a complete list of arguments to put in the command like when you launch a server?


Well.. You should have no more than like 2 servers per machine. Even if its not using all the resources, there isnt enough bandwidth to support so many and so many of the same exes running can cause a hard drive failure or a lot of fragmentation. The ticket ID is probably due to so many servers asking for bandwidth through one machine, the computer cant interpret the information fast enough and send it to the right server, it gets jumbled up. My personal opinion, just have like 2 servers running.
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Thanks for the advice.

I understand what you are saying, but if that is infact the case how do all of these game hosting compaines turn a profit. There is no way all of these game companies out there are just running two servers per box. It would be literally impossible to not take huge losses finacially.

My box It's a quad core machine on a 10mbit connection that is burstable to 100mbit. I've actually never exceeded 6mbit though.

Thanks again, I'll keep digging around for other information. Smile

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