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CSS Lan Competition - Best way to use Stats?
I have HlstatsX installed and have a CSS Server running on my Lan/Internet. I work at a university and I wish to run an End of Term Lan competition, this will consist of

50 players split into 10 teams

The 10 teams are randomly selected to play a round 1 game, based upon the clan stats, the 2 teams with the lowest points will be eliminated.

Now all of that will work fine, but how do I go about working out the stats for the quarters, semis & final etc.

i.e if I do not clear the stats and they roll over, a team could draw someone novice in round 1 and then that could see them through to later rounds, this would not be fair, but if I clear the stats and start again each round then I cannot call on them historically to show what happened during the event.

So, are there any settings I can enable to produce the stats I would like? I can attach any conf's if necessary

Is there any way to stop the game at round end and display the statistics, rather than the next map start which happens at present?

yes, I am a newbie at running a server.setting up a tournament etc, but with your help hopefully it can be a success.

Thanks in Advance.

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