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custom decal help!!!
So i'm trying to get custom decals in my map and i can't get it to work for the life of me

i've followed this

& this

100% and i can't get it working (even with the regular mani_logo

I was trying to use a custom decal that i created, but when i couldnt' get that to work, I tried using the regular mani logo & couldn't get that to work either

i tried using the "import spray" feature in CS:S to create my vtf & vtm files, then i tried using those as my decal (i also tried the way mani suggested)

I really can't figure this out & its annoying the hell out of me... anybody have any ideas????
pm me or xfire me, i can help you out.

[Image: brutalhonesty.png]
[Image: STEAM_0:0:16227482_tf2.png]

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