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No map loading or other problem? Server hang
Hello everyone. Well up until i updated my server yesterday, everything ran fine. Yesterday I updated the server for the first time in about a month. I also installed mani admin plugin. Now my server doesn't seem to function. It doesn't show up in the server lists and I can't connect to it. I have windows xp pro sp2, firewall off, port 27015 forward in it anyways and on my linksys router. The following is the output i get.

255.8 fps 0/32 on map
Console initialized
Attempted to create unknown entity type event_queue_saveload_proxy!
Game .dll loaded for "Counter-Strike: Source"
Loading Mani Admin Plugin 2005 V1.0.9a,

Loaded effects interface
Loaded sounds interface
Loaded cvar interface
[blinking cursor]

At this point i can throw commands at it just fine and all but it just doesn't show up in server lists. Is there supposed to be a map described on the first line wehre it says "0/32 on map" I really don't know what the problem is. I even tried removing the mani dll and it still doesn't work.

I threw the map mapname command at it and then it loaded the map just fine and all and it is visible in the server browser. I have a map specified in the command line to start the server. Why doesn't it load it?

Also each time i give it the map command it kicks all players and then goes to the map. Any ideas?
My guess would be to reinstall, and try first installing without the Mani Admin Mod, and if that works (and you get the server running) try with the Mod, if that doesn't work take a look in the docs relating to Mani mod and check that all the .cfg (especially mani_server.cfg) are configured correctly.
- JetarR (n00b Server Admin)
llzigian Wrote:Also each time i give it the map command it kicks all players and then goes to the map. Any ideas?

using the command map <mapname> to change maps will kick everyone. you should use changelevel <mapname> instead (add rcon in front if not running command from server console). Do you have a start map specified in your command line?

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Yeah i have a map specified and the number of players specified as well. But neither one of them seem to work properly. It always starts with 32 players and i have to manually tell it what map after it starts up. I'll probably re-install before our next LAN party and see if I can get it working.

Anyone know how to get stats working properly on a LAN only server? When a LAN only server is specified, everyone's steam id reports as LAN so it messes up the stats. Thx.

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