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yea i have a 20mb down and 5mb up, hosted on a dual xeon 3.4ghz machine, 2gb ram, i have 2 servers, surf in gui, and regular in gui, both having 24 slots each. bandwidth, i have plenty to spare, but after 24 hours, my surf crashes with this error , then the other server, ppl will be playing, and everyone will time out. any heelp?
I think the only thing to say is "Don't use the Steam Dedicated Server".

It's buggy as anything!

Instead, take a look at this:

You can probably copy your game directory across, as long as you update again with hldsupdatetool.

Another thing I'd suggest is to always run in -console mode. Using the gui is a massive performance hit Wink
i use the srcds version, and in console mode, it crashes repeatedly for me.

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