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LAN troubles
Ok, I've had a server several times before... I've saved it to a backup driver (ESmile and re-installed windows, keeping all the same .bat files in the same places, nothing has changed except my internal IP. I have changed everything to accompany this change in my Port Forwarding, and I load up the console. Everything seems to work fine, but when I see my LAN servers, it says "There are no servers running on your Local Network." I've updated HLDSupdate tool but still nothing... I haven't changed anything since before and it was working fine before the re-installation of windows. I've also disabled my firewall and anti-virus, still nothing. I'm stumped :S
Have you looked in the internet server list, as well as all the sv_lan 1 stuff?
Yup exact same as before I re-installed windows... Same places, same settings, same everything... The console loads up and the server connects to game master servers, but still nothing on my lan
Have you checked the internet list though? My home server appears in the internet list even when it's not supposed to Smile
Yup, It's on the internet list and my friends can connect through my WAN but I can't connect through my LAN :S It's not a firewall, I'm stumped...

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