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Strange messages does anyone have any ideas?
hi i have installed a source server on a linux box all correctly and started it up running mani admin. WHile it seems to be running ok the console keeps coming up with "bad challenge from IPxxxxxx" and also this is the one that confuses me

utlmemory.h (314) : Assertion Failed IsIdxValid(i) <--------
The first one comes from gameserver stats sites like as far as I know. Nothing to worry about unless you start getting superspammed.

As for the second one, try running hldsupdatetool again. When is the error appearing?
it appears about every 5 mins and comes up 2 or 3 times
is there a way i can stop the game monitors from spamming my server?

You could enter their IPs into banned_ip.cfg:

addip time ip
addip 0
addip 0

Some of them would be genuine users pinging your server to see who's on it, so there's no real point blocking anything. The pinging won't be the cause of lag unless it's heavy pinging.

Try running hldsupdatetool again to see if it fixes the Assertion Failed error.

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