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Trouble setting up internet server from my network
I finally figured out how to get the server to run properly (at least I'm assuming it is from reading other threads). It's set to the network ip address of this computer, with default dmz set to this computer. I run my other machine and try to join it and the server isnt listed in either internet or lan games. When I don't use the +ip command then it shows up in the lan box only, but I'm assuming thats only a lan game. Do I need to configure some port forwarding or am I doing something else wrong?

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Don't use the +ip command. From your LAN, you should be able to see it in the server list on the LAN tab. Just trust the fact that other people outside of your LAN will see it under internet.

If you want to check, ask a friend or someone to connect to your server and give him your external ip. If you don't know it, go to and find out.
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You see it as a LAN-server because your on the same subnet and your PC detected it during a scan on you network.
So when it's in the LAN-list it does not mean it's just a lan server, it means your PC has detected it by a portscan on your network.

The Internet-serverlist is created from a masterlist, downloaded in the background. You server will be listed on the Internet-serverlist as soon as your server has contected the masterserver maintaining the list, then you can see it yourself in the internetlist but you must look for you external IP

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