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How do i get a zombie mod to work
i have downloaded the zombie mod but i do know what to do with it can i have help please
have you installed the metamod corectly?

If yes then you just have to type metalist to see if its working.

I am allso adding the install information for the zombiemood.

Quote: * Step 1: Download and install metamod source.

*MetaMod source is required to run zombiemod. You can download metamod source here and you can find out how to install it here
* Step 2: Download Zombie Mod from our downloads page here
* Step 3: Upload the files to your game server and make sure they are in the right folders!

*For Example:
cstrike/models/player/zombiemod/*Six Models 36 Files*
cstrike/materials/models/player/zombiemod/*Three Materials*
cstrike/materials/skybox/*Six materials*
* Step 4: Wait until all files are uploaded! (This may take several minutes)
* Step 5: Once everything is uploaded, open '/cstrike/addons/metamod/metaplugins.ini' with your favourite text editor.

*We recommend using notepad to edit this file
* Step 6: Add the following line:

*If your only plugin on the server is zombie mod, this line will be the only text in the file
* Step 7: Restart your server

*Changing map is not sufficient, the server must be restarted!
* Step 8: Type ‘meta list’ and the following should be printed in your console:

*-Id- Name Version Author Status
[01] ZombieMod v1.0.0b c0ldfyr3 RUN.
* Step 9: If it says RUN we are good to go!

*If it says ‘NOFILE’: the line in metaplugins.ini is incorrect, or the zombiemod binaries are not in the correct location.
If it says ‘ERROR’: then you have a problem and may contact the author.

Congrats on your successful install. Enjoy!
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u kno u can use eventscripts zm, their bout the same, but yea make sure u installed metamod currectly, if using that version of zm. also, add that line to ur gameinfo.txt file, metamod gives u to isntall, and make sure u make that file write protection afterwards.

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