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A single command line / description list?
Alright, we all know how much of a mess all of the forums are (everywhere), why don't we make 1 clean thread of startup parameters & commands. (not the full cvarlist dump).

I am starting to wonder why people need to use guesswork to find information on certain things. srcds not having any official docs, just like hlds.

Also , -pingboost 1 / 2 / 3 & for *nix and -tos, does anyone know if they still exist and work the same. I used them however I don't see any proper output to identify them. and if someone knows the fact info on -pidfile it would be of great help. Last of all, -zone 2048 / 4096 is the one thing I have never gotten any complete info on.

another thing, does anyone know where the "stats" command went, that showed the server's FPS output.
srcds is not complete, -pingboost hasn't been fully enabled. srcds is set to accept it, but does nothing yet
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