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Hi all,

I'm new at server confirguation, and i have a question about rates and bandwidth again. I have a cable connection 12mb/1mb, and i've read the wiki at regarding bandwidth and tickrates. I was wondering if someone could look over my config? These are the only things i've set so far:

maxplayers 32 (is this too high?)
tickrate 66 (should I lower this to 33?)
sv_unlag 10
sv_maxunlag 10
sv_maxupdates 10
sv_maxrate 5000

I've noticed lag spikes sometimes when the server gest to 15-16 people, but even DURING thel ag spikes, i can run a spped test and it shows that i still have 400-500kbps upstream free... so what could be the problem?

i think 5000 is way too little for 32 slots, i would lower it drastically say 12 slots at 12500, then if that works ok, slowly add slots while lowering rates until you get something that works for you. you may end up with a smooth server at 18 slots 10000 or something (just numbers i threw out there you just have to try it out)
Cool, thanks. Is max_updaterate 10 too low too? or is that okay? (also 33 tickrate?)


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