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I see alot of people are having problems using HLDSupdatetool and SRCDS even though it's very simple with few command line switches. So I saw the idea of someone using batch files to instantly start the process of download the games. Being a VB.NET programmer I thought it'd be cool to make a GUI program that would make this task as easy as possible.

  1. Easy game download + install
  2. Easy to use
  3. Mod downloader
  4. CFG maker
  5. Updater
  6. No need to figure out command line switches
  7. Error free
  8. Easy server launch
  9. SRCDS boost download
  10. Help guides
Image of the Pre-Alpha:


[CUR] 0.02 - Made CFG maker form
0.01 - Project Started, made the main form

I thought this could be a cool add on to this site. I am going to make it for here, and going to release it here. Hopefully it will attract more attention.

Comments question? Post them here. I still don't have a release date either.

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