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Dedicated server crashes when launched through console
I tried having a dedicated server running run through console (as a stand alone) but for some reason, whenever someone knifes another player (not injures but when they kill them) everyone on the server gets ahl2 error, the game freezes and crashes for everybody on the server! The game is fine before then with no lag or connection problems or anything.

I am using the mani plugin for the server and checked, verified and re-uploaded all the custom content to be sure its not the settings.

The interesting thing is that since this started happening, I tried hosting the server through the steam dedicated server tool and IT WORKS! Same files, same settings but just launched through steams GUI interface. No problems when people knife or anything else. However though, steam itself crashes after like 24 hours (logging overload?)

But my question is: does anyone know why using steam the server works fine but when launching it as a stand alone dedicated server through console (which is what I really prefer), it messes up. Anyone ever encountered this weird situation?

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