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Errors that are causing mahor lag
1) Mani is attempting to load mani_quake_sounds.cfg but there is no file there. So i would disable quake sounds or install them.
2) Your ban config file is to large you need to shorten it.
3) When i am getting errors everytime a bot spawns (!ttempted to create unknown entity type weapon_
NULL Ent in GiveNamedItem!)
Tim... -Optical-Hosting- says:
4) Also there is an issue with a multi_manager (Attempted to create unknown entity type multi_manager!
Can't init multi_manager)
5) Also bots a a very resourceful thing to be running on a server so that can always be a lagg issue. But it you fix those problems i listed it should cut the lagg down substantially or even take all lag spikes away

Can those errors be causing lag? If so how can I fix them. I am running CSS RPG + DM on scoutz

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