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NEEP fast HELP Client and Srcds on same network
Hi all, I have some problems to setup a client and server on the same network.
My setup:
2 Computers:
-1 srcds windows (console)
-1 steam client for playing

D-Link DI-604

I have some deficulties to setup the ports forward and get everything to work.

If the server works well with the ip, the client fail to get info from server, in other words when the server is fine with the good port, the client can load the servers in the main list but each server that I try to get more info (like players and their scores) it says that the server isn't responding at all... but this happens for ALL servers. If I start CSS (the game engine), It does the same thing but at some point it gets connected but always say that the server isn't responding. I can only join servers in the game engine of CSS not in steam over windows.
now, the second option is to set it another way and then everything goes right for the steam client... but the server change port everytime it restart... so thats not what I want... I just want the server to keep 27015 port everytime and client on the same network but different computer to run the client without saying that all the servers does not respond...
I have this problem too. It seems to follow me all around. I think it is a Steam issue and not an issue on your side. I even have to wait around to connect to a server because it says it is not responding... but after a short bit it makes the connection. It doesnt bother me at all so I have made no attempts at fixing it, and I know a reinstall wont fix it cause I have installed a fresh copy on another machine that is not on the same network and different router and had the same issue.

If you want to fix this, my best bet would be

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