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problems with hldsupdatetool
hi... at first i am sorry for my bad english...
i've got a problem with the hddlsupdatetool. in a tutorial its mentioned that i have to download it and to run it. i runned it and installe but. and then it says that i have to type in some commands but this is not possible for me because if i run the .exe the window is closed immediatly. can someboy please explain where i have to type in the commands? thx a lot

mfg DamBedEi

and sry for my bad english again ;-)
Click the start button then click on run. type in cmd.exe
change to the directory you had hldsupdatetool install your files, and run it there.

example if you had it install to c:\srcds then just type in cd c:\srcds then run it there.

unless you create a batch file, it'll all run from your cmd.exe console.
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Ok, so that wont work and also join my thread, same topic and has more stuff on it

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