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Server port/mapcycle paramater?
i have to run 3 servers
1 server on one mapcycle
2 server on another mapcycle

what i did is server 1 is on installation 1 (e:\srcds 1)
server 2, 3 are on installation 2 (e:\srcds 2)

are there paramaters for mapcycle and port?

when i start server 2, 3, the ports will go 27015, 27016

but when i start installatoin 1, it is in a different folder, and then will start on port 27015. Canceling viewing the one server.
On the first server manually assign it a port using "-port 270**" in the command line or batch file. As for the mapcycle you just have to edit the mapcycle.txt file in the cstike directory and add the maps you want.
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