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Sounds problem
I've encountered a problem with playing .wav's on my server.

It keeps giving me something about invalid bit rate for the file...

(and i can't give you an exact error because i'm not at home right now)
Valve Developer Center Wiki Wrote:As of the first engine update for DOD:S, this has been possible.

Place an MP3 file named gamestartup1.mp3 in the sound/ui folder for your mod.

If you want more than one startup MP3s, use the name gamestartup2.mp3 and so on.

If more than one MP3 exists as sound/ui/gamestartup*.mp3, one will be picked at random.
Image:warning.png Warning: An MP3 will not play correctly if it does not have a 44100 Hz playback rate.

Use .mp3 instead, takes less space
bah, thats what i was afraid of... a lot of the files i already have are in .wav format...

looks like i've got some converting to do!

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