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Linux Lan Server Issue
Hey folks!
I am managing a 30man LAN at my school for the Anime Club, anyway I am using a 24-port switch (and a few 8 ports) anyway the server im using is powerful so i am using it as a DHCP server aswell, anyway my computer is static ip of and when its running AND the internet is plugged in it works fine, but when i disconnect the server wont launch, i have cvar lan set to 1.
(odds are we will not have an internet connection at this LAN party.)

(also i installed mani mod and put the execute command into the server.cfg but when i launch i get "Unknown command" for what looks to be everything in the mani_server.cfg)

I got unknown command from Mani too the first time I installed. What did you use to build the mani_server.cfg file? What version of Mani are you running (1.1 or the 1.2 beta)? The server does try to look for the steam master servers, (I'm pretty sure even for a LAN game) so it just may take a little while longer for it to time out. If I remember correctly there's a "-nomaster" option, but it may not be for a source dedicated server.
The LAN issue: the command is sv_lan 1

The Mani issue:

Go to SRCDS-Dir/cstrike/addons and create a text file called mani_admin_plugin.vdf (If it doesn't exist)
Put in
        "file" "../cstrike/addons/mani_admin_plugin"

check that a folder called mani_admin_plugin exists and a file in the addons folder called also exists.

Then you should be fine. Let us know how you get on.

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