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Best web-based control panel
Im looking for a free webbased control panel for my clients. Currently they are using ftp and hlsw to restart the server which isnt great.

Ive found TCAdmin which looks perfect except im only making about $30 a month on it and i cant afford to take $15 a month out of that.

Can anyone recommend one? Doesnt have to be feature packed but does need to work on windows server 2003.


At the moment I'm looking into creating one, hence my post here.

It will hopefully do basic things like change map and round time etc, and restart it if needed, and will probably use a .htaccess file for authentication.

Though I have had a quick scan about for an existing control panel, nearly all of them are created by a GSP and charge a license fee for others to use it.
That sounds great, but there isnt one already out there?

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