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Server Usage Question
Hello, I wanted to setup this on my Linux box but I don't know how much resources this is going to take up. If someone could give me an idea on how it's going to make my system run I would greatly appreciate it.

I have Red Hat Linux 9, Intel Xeon 2.8Ghz (533Mhz FSB), 1280MB PC2100 ECC REG RAM, 36GB 10K RPM SCSI Hard Drive. My internet connection is 3Mbps to the server and 768Kbps out to the internet. I'm currently running "plesk 7", which is hosting about 15 domain names. Only one domain name currently is getting lots of hits and using about 18GB data transfer a month.

I'd like to run this in the background and not have it interfere with my clients web sites.

IIRC, srcds will use about 32KB per player constantly in and out, so if you run a 16 slot server you'll be using 512KB/sec total. You download connection is 3mbps, thats actually 375KB/sec, and 768 is 90KB/sec.

a 16 slot source server when full, will probably also use about 20% cpu if your box is setup right.
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