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I rented a server and installed mani admin plugin 1.1 and add admins to file Adminlist.txt Steam_x.x.xxxxxxxx and it say admin doesnot exest what do i do help pls I put admin list on
STEAM_0:0:10810868 f //Chevy

STEAM_0:0:xxxxxxxxf //JAmes

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Mani doesn't use adminlist.txt anymore, now it uses clients.txt, look for the clients.txt maker on the mani forums to make it easy for you. Also it's best to track just by steam_id since if you have a dynamic IP you can get locked out like that.
looks like he's using 1.1 which still does use admins.txt but the same thing take out the ip addresses and use just the steam id's, also if you are doing sv_lan 1, all players will have STEAM_ID_LAN (or maybe STEAM_LAN_ID) as their ID instead of their real steam IDs. you also need to restart the server after you put in the id's.
is this supposed to be in the tutorials section ?

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