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portforwarding HELP!! me and maybe guide
hey everyone now i dont get is what program to forward the ports to i need it srcds but i cant find it on the programs they have and stuff and is there a certain one im suppose to click on or what i dl the free one so i didnt pay on the "" and im looking at it and theres a selection saying defualt app. or custom and theres no srcds only theres steam ones half life and well if so do i make the srcds in custom plz help me i want ppl to join me and im kinda mad so im like really into this and i need help hopefully i do get a reply :] thanks

contact me at

forgot to tell u the router INFORMATION: microsoft MN-700
You have to login to your router assuming that you're using one to connect to the internet and forward the specific port to your local IP. I'd suggest you set yourself to a static local IP incase you ever want to do it again. Hosting a server on a home connection isn't such a great idea and you should either colocate a box at a datacenter on rent one from an established provider.

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