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Server Questions...
Me and some friends have been thinking of buying a good server computer and getting internet suitable to run a small server hosting website...anyways here are my questions.

1.where can i get a good server computer?

2.what can i get for around $2000?

3.Is an internet connection with a download speed of 20 Mbps and upload speed of 1 Mbps with unlimited bandwidth good enough?

4.with that internet and the box i could get for that budget how many 10 man servers could I run?

5.what kind of operating system does an "industrial" server box run on?

Thats all my questions for now, thanks in advance for any helpSmile
1&2. recommended place to shop for servers (proper servers) on the cheap:
cant help you out with anything new unless your in AU. for your 2k USD you should be able to get a dual xeon or opty 2.6ghz or thereabouts with 2gb of ram and some RAID.

3&4. 1Mbps up is enough for 1x10player server @ 66 tick. and even that is debatable from my experiance (i run a 66tick 10player server on a 1Mbps up connection).

5. wtf does "industrial" mean? Serious source servers tend to run on linux/freeBSD from what I can tell. An easy linux solution is Debian. Dont run it with a Gui unless you want to waste system resources and be laughed at.
ok thanks for the quick responses. I'm not very serious about actually doing this because its alot of work and money, i just wanted to get a good idea of how these things work and what kind of resources it requires.
if your just after a server to fool around with your mates on then a 1Mb up is fine for 10 players provided you set your rates and all correctly.
a cheap P4/AM64 system with 1GB of RAM would do the job as well and would set you back maybe $500 if that.

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