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Unable to Detect CPU Frequency
Running latest version of SRCDS on FreeBSD.

I run the server using the srcds_run with options pertaining to map, gamesize
etc and it updates normally then attempts to launch the server and I get this:

"Unable to Detect CPU Frequency"

And the launch retries with no success.
Any thoughts?

do a search on this forum, there's a post for quicknotes for freebsd, the answer it in there. can't remember the exact fix but you have to do a lnprocfs to a certain folder so srcds can see the proc info.
How does the search function not return a thread containing "Unable to determine CPU Frequency" when that is the exact search string. PEBKAC.

search in posts not just the thread title, enclose the whole thing in caps for strings under 4 chars.
k2chris1983 Wrote:
linproc        /compat/linux/proc    linprocfs    rw    0    0

This will make "steam" see the proc information to start the server up! If you don't add this you will get an error like this "Unable to determine CPU Frequency"...

taken from FreeBSD CS:S quick notes which you might notice is the second thread down stickied under Important Threads at the top of srcds linux forums.

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