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SOLVED: Dedicated server crashing on custom maps
Hey there... We have a dedicated CS:S server (on a linux variant I believe - hosted by that uses a redirect for custom maps.  Everything with the redirect works fine, custom maps download, etc.  The problem we are having is only happening on custom maps, ie, not dust, etc.

The problem is this:

Our server is configured with a bot_quota of 6, and those bots are removed as people join the server.  Whenever the server is running a custom map with 3 humans or less (with and without bots), after about four rounds on the map the server instantly changes maps to either dust or office.  If there are more than 4 humans playing, this does not happen.

Does anyone have any clue what might be causing this?


Nevermind this... I solved it today.  One of our admins turned on automapswitch or something in mani so that if there were less than 4 players on for 5 mins, the map would automatically change.

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