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This has been posted before but i need to get it working
i need to get my server working! i think my ports are fowarded and i done everything which others said on the other threads and its still not working! i start up my server , give them my external ip but nothing! they say it says not responding or failed after 4 retries. Please PLEASE can someone help me!!!

my xfire is : irishknightrider

if u can plz start from the VERY beginning , im no noob but i am a noob at this lol
btw i HAVE fowarded my ports and i can connect through my internal ip but when i get my friend whos not on the network to join to my external ip , it says "failed asfter 4 retries". the server isint showing on the server list either, i put in heartbeat and sv_lan 0 but nothing!

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